Welcome to MARGA!

Prof. Karthik Sundaresan directs the Mobile Advanced Research group at GATech (MARGA), where he leads a team of highly motivated students and researchers. The team works on cutting-edge research problems with real-world impact in various aspects of wireless and mobile networking, sensing and computing. Some of the broad areas of investigation in the group include, but not limited to:

  • Connectivity for 5G/6G wireless systems (RAN, Core, Edge Computing, Dynamic Spectrum Access, Joint Communication & Sensing)
  • Low power wireless networking and sensing (Backscatter networks, RFIDs, reconfigurable surfaces)
  • ML in wireless (hybrid model/data-driven solutions for challenging networking and sensing problems)
  • S3C (sensing, connectivity, computing, control) for autonomous systems (AGVs, UAVs, etc.)

Curious about the name MARGA? Check here!